Easy Ways To Clean Small Carpets At Home


When you have carpets or rugs at home, you might get in a hurry to get your hands on specialized vacuum cleaning tools and so forth. However, vacuum or steam cleaners are not the only ways you can clean rugs or carpets. When you use different small area rugs or carpets at home, these can be easily cleaned by hand and by using simple yet effective home cleaning solutions.


Hot water and soap

If you have enough space to clean by soaking large items and scrubbing them with a brush, then all you need is hot water and a detergent solution. Akin to cleaning different furnishing fabric based accessories you can use hot water and soap solution to clean small rugs and carpets. If you have large basins to soak such items, you can create a warm water solution to soak carpets and rugs that are made of coarse fabric materials. In case the raw material is silk or other such delicate fabrics, you need to replace the hot water with cold water. Use a detergent that you would use for washing silk or woolen clothing. Usually, rugs and carpets made of silk blends are coarser than apparel and hence, a warm water and detergent solution proves effective in cleaning such accessories.

Conservative and eco-friendly measures

Due to water scarcity becoming a concern in many areas, it calls for cleaning measures to be incorporated that replaces or reduces the use of water to wash or clean home items. One way to reduce the use of water to clean rugs or carpets would be to dust them regularly. When you dust off such accessories regularly, you prevent them from getting too dirty. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold on such accessories, you can create a home solution of vinegar and hot water to quickly scrub off the top surface. Fluff up the carpet fibers with a dry brush and increase air circulation to prevent the moisture from settling in.

The above methods can help you effectively keep carpets and rugs clean in your home, especially small area accessories. However, for larger carpeted areas you need to call in for professional cleaning services.